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Re: 4L80E & TH400 Tech.

Originally Posted by picklito View Post
Is there a way to make the torque converter clutch engage more firmly?
A Sonnax TCC regulator valve with the (.300 OD spring) will firm up lock-up.

Originally Posted by picklito View Post
Your chart came through well. Thanks. Some stock data if it's helpful:

2003 Yukon XL 2500 8.1/4L85E/4.1
1-2: .070"
2-3: .075"
3-4: .050"

The holes are so much smaller than I expected, I'm not quite sure what to do. Might just use your recommended .085/.093/.085.
I don't know how you want the shift feel, "Feel" being very subjective!

Here are largest holes I would recommend. Your truck is pretty heavy & can absorb a lot of shift energy. And you seem to want the shifts to be noticeably firmer.
2nd: .093"
3rd: .101"
4th: .093"
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