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The Six Hunnet Dalla Crawla Hala!

The intro -
In a world full of large problems, my little problem is how to get my K10 crawler to other states without getting pulled over, recover it from the trail head in case of damage, and one that will be able to tow my travel trailer etc. One of my squares Goldy a K20 was moving towards pulling my K10 on a car trailer but then what about lodging and do I really have enough tow capacity with a heavy trailer, truck, and all my gear etc.

The gears started spinning in my head when one guy in my 4x4 club pulled up to a run in Utah with his Ford Superduty 550 flatbed, jeep on the back and travel trailer in tow. I had pretty much ruled it out because I wasn't going to be able to afford a rig like that, but then another friend from my 4x4 club got an old Ford 550 flatbed for a good price. After that I was steady browsing craigslist for something that would fit the bill and as usual I have no budget for my current builds let alone add another.

One truck I was seriously considering was a 71 C50 tilt flatbed, had a 350 / Sm465. After thinking about for a while I decided that driving a dump truck with no a/c, would be cool and all but not something I would want on a 10 hour drive. The tires would be expensive, and the wife would not want it on the side of the house.

Still browsing, up poped a 2005 Silverado 3500, 6.0L / 4L80E, 13' flat bed 250k miles for $1500. The listing said:
Pro's - Engine rebuilt 2 years ago, Runs
Con's - Transmission overheats, seat torn

I can live with those con's but not the price. The pictures were horrible in the listing, and the truck was ugly, so I kept an eye on it and hoped for the best. Price dropped to $1200 and I finally sent and e-mail and asked if they would consider $600 bucks. Nothing for a few days and finally a reply "Still want the truck? Someone stole the hood and grill, I will take $600". I replied Sold! The next day I got all the paperwork to the DMV and all good, a movement permit and I was off to pick up the truck. It made the trip across tow, ran rough and made noise but that a/c blew cold..... More in the videos!


GoldyLS1 K20 Build

My K10 Rock Crawler

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