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Re: 94í Burb Build

So Iíve started lowering it with a 3/4. I had bought a set of Irocs 20x8 and like it but just wasnít in love with them. I just sold those and picked up a set of Texas Edition 22ís. Gonna hopefully finish a 5/7 drop this week and Iíll get some picís posted. I let my boy drive it a few months ago and he lightly rear ended someone. That allowed me to get a new grill and a smooth front bumper. Iím going to keep the the interior pretty much stock. I may redo the dash in red leather. Iíve added a new stereo and speakers. I have a little paint work to do here and there, so I may do a satin/matte clear and tint the windows. Also want to delete the roof rack. Eventually might to do air ride.
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