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Re: Lks Dcvn: 70 2wd GMC Jimmy Conversion Project

The body, complete with 49+ years of bumps, bruises and battle scars is relatively solid in all the right spots. Having been around Blazers for years, this one was very complete with minimal rust.

It was perfect (and still is) for what I want to do with it - clean it up, get is safe and reliable and then drive the hell out of it. The seller was honest and told me everything I asked about the truck included getting a pic of a few key spots that are normally rusty. The entire exchange was great having never met the board member who was still living in Texas. Thanks for being awesome low'n slow!

The utility buckets sold by the PO were replaced with some OBS blue buckets and the rear stock seat and spare tire carrier will still in the back. The PO was looking to upgrade the paint so the truck got a light treatment of black primer over the OG paint/patina as color options were being reviewed. Hence the color squares on the rear passenger quarter in the 1st pic.

Here are a few pix of the listing ad from when I bought it on the forum. It was a running, driving truck that was a daily driver and then sat for several years before it was listed for sale.
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