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Re: Lks Dcvn: 70 2wd GMC Jimmy Conversion Project

Found the passenger side mirror arm, bracket, gasket and screws today...and a host of other things I was going to pick up over time. I guess I should have looked in that extra tub of parts first. Duh on my part. No mirror heads, but those are easy enough to find.

Got the rest of the cargo floor body mounts and bolts replaced this morning. The last 2 sets are the cab floor (by the pedals) pair and the radiator support pair.

I'm going to replace the radiator in the spring and will wait to do those until I'm ready so I can do it all at the same time.

The shifter boot I bought already tore (it was $8 shipped so no biggie) after using it twice to move it in/out of the garage so I'll be looking for something that will last a bit longer. I don't think leather/modern boots look right in these trucks so I may need to do some checking for options. What are you all using for your shifter boots?

Here is the set of seats I picked up that will eventually be swapped into the Jimmy. It's a driver set of blue buckets and rear bench that were too cheap not to buy when I saw them. They came will all brackets and should be an easy bolt in upgrade when the time comes.
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