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Re: Entropy Radiator problems

Originally Posted by Nodnarb76 View Post
They sent me the right radiator!!!
Itís for an LS swap, the right height, and they even included a new shroud.
It has the little brass looking plug in it also. Iím going to remove it and see if it is a zinc anode. If it is and my old one had one too, I need them to explain to me how electrolysis happened with the anode, and under 4k miles.
Going to install this weekend. Itís going to be nice to have my truck back after two months of being down.

I just read through your thread for the first time. It sucks after spending that much money on a radiator to have it fail after 4000 miles. I used one of there radiators in my LS swapped 66 C10 I loved it. I hope this replacement works out for you.
I bought a stock big block radiator for my Square Body C10 that I'm doing an LS swap in.
It only has original paint once
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