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Originally Posted by special-K View Post
What's he doing? Cleaning up his garage? You are at the right place at the right time.
My good friend and best mechanic I have ever meet is 70 years old. He had to close his shop down almost 3 years ago because of a heart attack. He reopened it for a while after he got better but had another one so he shut the door's for good. He has had 2 more since. They finally did open heart surgery on him. Twice they had to go in and fix him.

He has been a great friend to our family ever since we meet in 1984. He has taught me how to do all the mechanic work that I do and I have spent many day's and nights with him in his shop working with him on his hot rods and customer cars are mine whatever needed fixing. He is the man who talked me into putting the 305 TPI in my 71 C 10 back years ago.
He also went through the GM training school in Charlotte when my dad was head instructor for Chevy division there. He has certificates signed by my dad.
He is in the process of selling his building and all his tools. He has not had many takers though on it. He has a contract on the building and property so he is having to clean out the shop. Suppose to be out by Dec 31 2019, his three kids don't have no interest in it at all. They want come around unless they need their vehicle fixed. They all are good kids just no interest in the shop. I've not asked for the first thing, he just hands it to me and said I know you will appreciate it.
My daughter has been cleaning it up for him as I work on her truck. She hauled 2 truck loads of trash off Friday and swept the whole place up. He can't do it and I figured we can so we been cleaning up as we go. He get's tired quickly and has to sit down.
He has tried to get me to buy the place but at my age I don't want to go in debt for it. Even though I really could use it and probably make money with it.
Sorry for the long post but just felt I needed to tell his story.
Oh he is selling his pride & joy 65 Lemans to. I hate it for him but he can't drive it with the 4 speed anymore. His leg can't push the clutch in.
It's a sweet car, if I had a place for it I would buy it.
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