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Re: PO has me PO'd

Today was a rare exception, everything went right. Double flare on the rear axle worked first time, brakes are done, and clamped to the frame rail with totally stainless 3/16" clamps. I'll let them bleed them. 5th or 6th time on the power steering belt tensioned up today, both belts are now done. Just waiting on some parts I lost (u-bolts) for the drive shaft, and PTO cover plate gasket, both found locally. rear diff. cover sealed up, and both shocks are mounted
also mounted the remote tank for the hydro boost


Now its time for some R&R, thanks giving then a florida trip for a week, hope the fish are biting, and not the bugs

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Dont try this stuff in my build thread, unless you have 55 years of mechanical OTJ training

AS usual, off topic

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