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69 Panel - Project needs a name

I've been on a few forums over the years having different cars. The 1 thing I've never done is a build thread. Today is the day!

Background, I bought this '69 panel way back in 2006. Immediately got 4/6 drop springs, found some new cpp rear arms cheap. I got a 6.0 from a silverado, carb and msd injector controller. I bought a whole running(rusty) '89 burb for the front clip & also the A/C bits.

Then I got divorced. Then I sold the house, I kept the new parts I accumulated but many of the used burb parts ended up at the recycler. Whatever I left in the old garages hidden attic stayed there until they bulldozed it.

Many of the old pics are being held hostage on Photobucket!!! Being 2017 I'm going to try and document what I can on video and store it on YouTube. I'm hoping I can learn a thing or 2 about video editing along the way, I can rebuild an engine but this video editing is foreign to me.

Some pics I still have - Shortly after I got her, sported the exact same look the last 10 years! Also a pic of my parts burb & my old hauler. And another old pic of her roomate & also my daily driver(at the time)cst10.
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