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Re: 1989 GMC 6000 Pickup/Toy Conversion

Originally Posted by Pvmt-Pndr View Post
Clicking through this thread makes me want to get my truck up and driving the way I want asap. Have you checked your timing? I found playing with my timing a little made a big difference in start up and shut down on my truck running the cheap stuff.i assume your truck is already hei stock. Most of what I read the tall decks like 8 degrees of timing and that's on the high side. For some reason my truck likes (427) 10 degrees better. I also only have about 2 street miles on her since I went through the engine. My wife has a 366 and I don't recall what hers is at, she's also running an edelbrock (not a avs2) and has hei.
I had the light on it when I was going through it doing the tune up on the carb, she's right on the mark at 8. It's stock GM HEI. I'm really happy with how it starts up and runs, seems to really like the timing it's set at. I just think the crap fuel we have today is to blame for a lot of it.

I have read your build, I'm anticipating the day you get yours going too, it's a great truck!
2.5 Ton Pickup Build:
1989 GMC 6000 Pickup/Toy Conversion

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