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Re: Sarge's rattle-can rebuild

Originally Posted by MTCK View Post
Cool build. Sorry to hear about your daughter's wreck.
Thanks man, I appreciate that. She walked away fine but it had easy potential for the worst.

Originally Posted by 48cj2a View Post
I had did the civy engine harness swap with the motor at the time so it definitely was no problem. There are differences so the mil engine and civy dash might not be compatible then.

I also took the time to extract the pins on the blackout drive lamp circuit from the fuse block and reinstall it in the civy harness so my Headlamp over ride and the B/O still work too...
I don't know what the guy tried, he didn't give any details on the install. For all I know it'll work with some minor repinning or something. I like the B/O light system, cool that you kept it. It wasn't but a few days ago I was outside with my sons after dark and showed them how it worked.

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