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Re: Sarge's rattle-can rebuild

Next four pics - In the first pic you can see the console sitting where it needs to go, base attached. It looks tall, but the base height and padded armrest height were taken in consideration to get the thing up to my elbow to make it a comfortable place to rest your arm. Second pic - remember I said these things were spec'd cheap? Uncle Sam said if you smoke, bring your own d@mn lighter. I quit smoking a couple of years back, but... Where to charge our screens? We're lost without our screens! Pic three you can see where this is going and pic four how I chose to solve it. I'm mounting one on the front and one on the back, so even if the whole family is in the car they can keep their screens charged.

Question: I want to use two 12v distribution boxes of the enclosed variety, one hot and one ground, so I don't have to go redneck and make six wires teed off the main hot and main ground. Well, five, but you get the idea. One thing the console has is more depth than necessary, so I'm going to make a short four-legged "table" for the inside that will be the new bottom of the console, maybe three fingers tall? Just high enough so the wires to the chargers and distribution blocks have room, kinda like the raised floor in a computer room. It'll be flush to all the sides so nothing can get past it but liquid, but I would like the wiring underneath to be neat and safe. Ideas?
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