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Re: 73-87's Tire / Lift size chart (WILL IT FIT?)

Originally Posted by bigarmzz View Post
thought i'd see if i could start this thread for the 73-87's, since there's already one for the 67-72's

could we make "this one" a sticky too?

lots of 73-87 owners wanting to know this same question

I have run BF Goodrich 33/12.50/15's on 8 inch wide rims for over 25 years on a 1977 K10 Suburban and a 1980 K10 pickup.
I ran 33/12.50/16.5, 10" wide rim on a 79 K20 Suburban too!
No lift and no problems!

I would like to try 34.8" 315/75-16's on my new to me 1986 CUCV pickup with no lift or sheetmetal trimming and 8-9" rim width. They are 2.5" wider than my current tires. Here's the truck with 33.3" 255/85/16 tires on stock wheels. Still some room left!
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