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Re: Make it handle

OK, lets get back to it. Here's the big question, AIR, or COIL???? I am sure that everyone has an opinion. I get this question everyday, and sometimes I'm not sure myself. EVERY trucker/trucker wants something a bit different. So, here are some of my thoughts. An bag is really an air-SPRING. And yes, they need SHOCKS. An air spring does the same job as a steel spring. So, the big question is, do you want to raise and lower it, or not. Also, are you looking for the smoothest ride, or are you thinking about totally hard-core performance? Remember that a properly set up air ride system needs a control package. This can mean swithes, guages..... and difficulty in tuning the stance for the driver. For this reason, I always use a 'smart' controller, such as the RideTech 'E' series, or the accuair. Level sensing is great for street and touring, as it is the most accurate to ride-height. But, I prefere pressure only, if it is a race/performance set-up. Lets think about the difference. In a street application, my goal is to build a real car, just like you can buy at the dealership. Think about that. Can your wife/girlfriend hop in and drive it? Can you toss the keys to a buddy and tell him to run down to the store? If they can't drive it, it's not a real car! This meansit has to be simple to opperate, and trouble free. - computer controlled level sensing. Now, no one would expect to toss the keys to a race car to a stranger and have them drive it, not without a rundown of the controls. on a street car you want the ride hieght to stay the same, on a performance car, you will set each corners weight based on track conditions. Think about that for now. - My lunch is over, back to work
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