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OBS Performance Suspension Parts

Here at No Limit, we have been playing with a few OBS trucks for a year or so. We have some great working parts in the works, but we have a few questions for the OBS crowd. Thanks in advance for your help.

1. With out raising the bed floor, a 6" drop is about it. Is that enough for most of you?

2. We are working on a Torque Arm rear suspension with a Watts link. This requires a heavy steel fabbed diff cover. Are many of you using an aftermarket HD cover to secure the carrier bearings? (would not work with what we are planning)

3. Is swapping to a 9" rear too much $$, as this would be around a 3k upgrade (housing, axles, gears, brakes) to a rear suspension package.

4. Is the factory ABS a "Must Keep" for you?

5. How much total investment are you planning on for suspension upgrades to your truck, including drop kit, spindles, springs, sway bars, steering upgrades, rear suspension, coil-overs.........

Thanks again for any feedback.
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