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Re: OBS Performance Suspension Parts

As an OBS and NBS owner, here are my thoughts:

1. 6Ē isnít enough. Currently on my OBS, Iím at 8Ē, but I had to install an under bed notch to keep the rear end from bottoming out. Iíve owned the truck since 1997, during the time of the sport truck movement, and Iím to the point now of deciding do I want to keep it with a 4/8 drop forever or go under the knife and do the necessary stuff to tuck 15Ē wide wheels. We have installed under bed notches for several customers out here in Vegas, and the majority are satisfied with 8-9Ē drops in the rear. They just donít want to do drastic modifications to cut the bed, add tubs and dog house, and then a wider wheel.

2. My trucks and customer trucks all have the stock covers.

3. Performance OBS trucks hasnít caught on out here in Vegas like Texas and parts of Cali. Now, there are performance NBS and NNBS trucks out here because of the LS engines, but these guys are not hard core performance trucks where they are swapping out components for race proven stuff. They just mess with tunes, swap cams, add torque converters and rear diffs into stock housings.

4. ABS isnít a deciding factor to any of the guys I speak with out here.

5. Like I mentioned earlier, if I decide to go under the knife to tuck 15Ē wide wheels, I wonít go with cheap parts. Iím not saying money is no object, but I will use quality parts.
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