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Re: OBS Performance Suspension Parts

I’m away from my truck for a few weeks due to work to show you the actual notch welded in, but I have some old photos showing what an 8” drop looks like in a regular c-notch. You’ll see in the photos that I have maybe 1-1.5” of travel before it hits the bumpstop in the notch.

As for the diff from these old photos, I have about 2.75” of travel before it does actually hit the bed floor. I did notch out the center bed brace to accommodate the travel. I originally had Belltech shocks, but now it’s riding on air shocks.

With the under bed notch, it does have a 4” depth. The picture shown is the actual notch prior to install. This notch is also the one I put in my NBS.

When I drive around town, I am aware of dips and crappy roads. But I have never hit the diff into the bed floor. I think that’s a combination of careful driving and the air shocks. There were times when an unexpected dip or pothole appeared that I hit pretty hard, but never did I smack the bed floor.
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