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Re: 1950 Rear Bumper Brackets (non Drop)

OK, here is an update:

My wife and I went to the shop and pulled the bumper off. We left the brackets on the bumper and just flipped it and slid it back into the frame rails. We were able to get the two bolts closest to the rear in and it left the bumper angled down a little because if we raise it up the bumper brackets hit the bottom of the bed.

I like the height now so I have two options. First I could trim a notch in the top of the bumper bracket so that I can raise it up enough to get the inner bolts in or I just bite the bullet and make a new bracket.

This at least gets the bumper positioned so I can take it in for exhaust on Friday

It defiantly looks better up higher but when I can get it outside I need to spray the tank black then it should hide the tank pretty good.

Thanks for all of the ideas and feedback!

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