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Re: Hazard light wiring, need some help

Originally Posted by gigamanx View Post
I tried taking the steering column apart, no luck]
aftermarket columns are based on 70s to 90s gm columns, imo you should just fix/replace the switch
the hardest thing to getting the column apart is the snap ring under the steering wheel
with all the videos out there it is very easy to watch a couple to see how the column comes apart
i did mine before youtube got big by asking a few gm techs before i disassembled the 86 astro column
i replaced the multifunction switch and ignition tumbler while i had it apart
you need a new multifunction switch, no guaranty the stop/turn lights will work without replacing the switch

so easy, even an ogre can do it
cool, an ogre smiley Ogre's 58 Truk build

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