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Re: Hazard light wiring, need some help

thanks for the prompt reply.
since I am doing a frame swap and the tags were taken off my 2 cabs during the disassembly mode (I called the inspector first and he said keep the tags and the bills of sale etc and I will be fine) the truck will need to be inspected by the insurance bureau of Canada. their inspector says he will inspect the vehicle and issue me a new 17 digit vin and install a new vin plate. the vehicle will be named "57 gmc" as the model but it is basically registered as a vehicle assembled from parts. he takes my old tags with him when he leaves. this all means that I have to conform to the new highway traffic lighting laws. lights and reflectors according to the new code, so reflectors, side markers etc. I want it to look like the old truck style, so not extra reflectors and stuff screwed on here and there. minimalist I guess, for a cleaner look I want to put all the lights in a single housing. I have been checking what guys are using and asking about those specific items. I may have to modify something. the back up lights will be an issue because I don't really have room for them unless under the bumper shining down. we'll see I guess.
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