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Re: You Chose a Blazer/Jimmy - WHY?

My dad had a few of this body style trucks when I was a young'n and I guess for sentimental reasons I have always loved this body style. When I started looking for something cool to haul the family in I mainly focused on the suburbans. I ended up buying a real nice 70 that came from Cali and soon most everyone in town knew the sub and who owned it.

One day I was at the local ice cream stand with the wife and kids and a buddy of my brother-in-law stopped to talk. He told me that a guy he works with bought a Jimmy with a blown engine and it was sitting at his house waiting for an engine swap. He told me it was for sale and it could be had pretty cheap before the engine was replaced. I figured it would be completely rusted after hearing the price but I couldn't help going over to look at it. I was stunned when I saw it for the first time. I told myself I really didn't need it and I shouldn't spend the money on it. We had a vacation planned for the following week and while on vacation all I could think is how stupid I was for passing up on this Jimmy. I finally told the wife that if it was still for sale when we got back I was going to buy it. As luck would have it I purchased that Jimmy and have had a blast ever since! The kids love it and the wife has warmed up to it so we cruise around whenever the sun is shining. I have yet to drive it with the top on and I don't plan on it either. It is what I call 'a cheap mans convertible'.
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