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Re: Do you have a 1972 Plaid Pickup?

Originally Posted by JQ-72 View Post
Here's a beauty I've got my sights set on, just trying to convince the owner to sell! It's sitting on a dead-end dirt road, so it should be safe. I found it in Jan. of this year. Owner told me it was not for sale, but admitted he needed to do something with it. He got my number and told me he'd call if he decided to sell. I went back to check on it in April, still not ready to sell. I told him I was a serious buyer and had a deep appreciation for these trucks. I made him a generous offer on it that made him think for a few minutes, then again replied he'd call me if he ever decided to sell. The wait continues.......

It's a SWB solid black Highlander with orange plaid. It's got all the package "C" items but, like all Atlanta Highlanders I've seen, no mention of promotional package.


Very nice, are there very many Black ones out there ?
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