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Re: 1971 4x4 Suburban Project - the 'Family Adventure Wagon'

I also did some tuning. I thought my advance came on early and had too much, so I changed some things. I have the MSD Streetfire HEI.

I changed springs to the next level firmer based on the spring kit instructions. I also added the vacuum advance limited to setting 'B'. This was all based on what I've read has worked well for others.

My carb is an Edelbrock 1406. I've read many people swap the jets/rods for those that come stock in the 1405. So I made that change too.

The result was a nice improvement in responsiveness and acceleration. I feel it has a fair bit more power from 2-3000 rpm. So if you have a MSD dist and/or a 1406 carb, I suggest trying out these changes.
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