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Re: Project two tone.

Will do T.J. , The way I guessed it was a 292 was the dead give-away was the fuel pumps are in the middle of the block as opposed to to the front block like the smaller I6's. Hey if you need any good sites if I can help in any way, I'll throw them out for everyone to look at and are worth some good.

The first one helped me with truck manuals so much to get a 1960-1966 full GMC/Chevrolet factory assembly manual, the full accessory manual for the corvairs, cars, truck, van etc, etc.
The second one is a junkyard just south of my base (I still have yet to go there) that has 20 acres of classic and vintage cars and trucks.

Hope it's helpful to anyone else who sees it and you as well.

- D-Rock
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