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Re: S10 Swap how to

Option 2: If you are going the small block route. I WILL not build a truck without a new body harness. I've seen way to many engine fires from hacked up, worn out, corroded connections, re-purposed harnesses!

One harness I prefer to use for a basic truck is the EZ wiring 12 circuit mini fuse harness. For the cost, you can't get a better harness. If you plan on power seats, windows, locks, door poppers, etc. then the 21 circuit harness is for you. Installing a full harness is not for the faint of heart. It takes me 10-14 hours for a harness install, and I do them all the time. Do not cut corners, solder/heat shrink all your connections. Also, be sure you use the worksheet if you decide to re-purpose any of the circuits. It will save you lots of headache if you ever need to diagnose an issue later.

I start by laying the harness out on the bench and going through it wire by wire. Deleting wires I won't be using (i.e. temp/oil sender wires if I'm using mechanical gauges) and accounting for every accessory BEFORE I try to install it. I also use this as an opportunity to re-route any wires (dome light power from taillight section to dash section, etc.) Once that's done, I zip tie my 4 basic sections together. Engine, Headlight, taillight, and dash. Then I begin routing each group. I work one section at a time, starting with the dash section (specifically ignition switch), when that section is done, I move on to the next.
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