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Thanks. I look at it as I bought a C10 in really nice ALMOST rust free shape, with C20 running gear, for a price that most C10 pickups with major issues sell for.

My business took a big hit last June and it looks like there will be slim pickings for another year, so I opted for a nice running pickup that only needs bolt on upgrades as funds allow and will save the paint and interior for last. The cost of the drop kits, brakes, wheels and tires will cost me about 50% of the total build.

With the shape of this C20, I will be saving big money on body and paint. I have a friend who has done body work for several decades, who will do what little work I need done for cash, saving me a lot. I will most likely be staying with the factory Crimson Red and no side stripe, so I don't have to paint the firewall or interior cab... and shaving the trim and badges as well. I will do the Raptor Bed Liner myself.

I will redo the all the interior upholstery, including the dash, (except the seat), sound deadening, insulation and carpet myself.

When funds allow, I will be adding the flush fit windshield, rear window and maybe one-piece door glass from One Piece Products. This will be followed with electric door locks and windows. Selling my wife's 1998 Explorer XLT and the 14B FF axle will add a few funds to the mix as well.

Once I have the money set aside to start the engine/suspension swap, I will start an actual build thread. Until then, I am researching, asking questions and planning the best options to achieve the end result I am looking for.
--Project BABA YAGA!...
--Project BABA YAGA!...

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