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Re: 1974 C20 Soon to become a project...

Greetings from SE Portland. I work in Tualatin, and for some reason, your truck looks familiar.

I spent months hunting for a new project/driver. While a Squarebody was on the list, my main criteria was an inline six, 3OTT, and a longbed. I looked at everything from flathead Dodge to '50s Fords when I found my C15 for a screaming deal.

Seems like prices are all over the map around here lately. While we don't salt our roads, we do have a lot of rain, so rust still happens... I saw ratty swiss-cheese 60's GMs going for absurd amounts, and a beautiful Studebaker that the guy was just about giving away...

Anyway, glad to see you found what you were after! I love the 3/4 ton trucks, though I understand your desire to change it to 5-lug.
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