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Originally Posted by y5mgisi View Post
What holds the door open is the "S" looking spring on the hinge shown here. The two serrated roller looking deals roll on the spring and hold it in place.

For being hard to close, check and make sure there is a bushing on the door striker still.

I looked at the "S" spring earlier, with the door cracked open so I could see it. Just went outside and looked again, only this time, I fished my fingers between the door and fender and low and behold, it moved! The bottom hook, rollers and all snapped off from metal fatigue... complete smooth break!

So, is there a repair kit/part or do I replace the whole hinge and call it a day?

While out there, I checked out the strikers. Both are bare metal and the edges of the round heads are showing noticeable contact wear. Are there replacement bushings, or is this a replacement striker situation?

Thanks for the great info!
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--Project BABA YAGA!...

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