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Re: Make it handle

Here's where I'm at. I want a truck I can drive to a show a 1000 miles away and I want it to be able to do half decent in a slalom when I get there. I have a car with ride height adjustable coilovers on all 4 corners that corners like its on rails but truth is on the street its not that nice cause it rides kinda hard. My truck is a shortbox 65 Chev stepper.

Questions I have:

1. For a streetable setup that won't float your teeth what is a realistic goal for G's, .8 or .9 or???

2. Is the rear trailing arm setup of the stock 65 worth trying to work with?

3. Same question for the front end. Should I spend the $$ on a full IFS

4. What would be a realistic budget for making the trailing arm set up work and/or what would be a better option for maybe a little more $$$? Just say as a number I had $4000.00 to spend on the suspension could it be done?

Thx M5
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