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Originally Posted by powerdriver 1958 View Post
Just a question , How many years do you plan to cover ?
Well GM bought what was this former Buggy Factory in 1930, however this factory was already making truck body parts as a vendor to Chevrolet, Ford and others. ( the smaller plant in the foreground was the Overland Car Co)

This plant was built about 1905.

This is the later image of the plant circa 2000...which is being demolished as it was closed in 2011.

I hired in in 1972 and was working with a gent who hired in back in 1932 and we talked a lot. Primarily I have a lot of images of the inside of the plant. Hence folks can see some of the day to day operations of the manufacturing process and I could possibly answer some questions as well.

Most folks have never seen the inside of a stamping plant. Not bragging, but I do have a nice collection of digitized images which I desire to share with enthusiast such as the folks on this site.

Most of my images are from 1945 and later. This plant was considered by many learned scholars as being the largest sheetmetal stamping plant in the world at one time.

Thank you very much for your interest and consideration.
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