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Re: Plasti Dipped the '67

Originally Posted by az's1971C10 View Post
The color is gunmetal grey. The first pic might make it look like two colors one being darker than the other. All it is is the lighting. The second pic is an up close photo so I could show the texture. Both were taken with an Ipad 2. In fact this is the first time I have posted pics because I couldn't figure it out before. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer!!

There are no streaks or zebra stripes. I actually took my time and waited 20 minutes between each coat. I should have warmed the spray cans first though.

Anyway, a co-worker has agreed to let me barrow his gravity paint gun. When I get that I will order the paint. His stepfather is a professional body man / painter and I have been told by several people he is one of the best old school guys in the area. And he and the owner of the shop he works at are super nice guys who have answered many of my questions. I will post my pics when I finally paint the rig. Thanks again for your help 67.

That's awesome, gunmetal looks good on just about anything. Definitely an HVLP gravity feed is the way to go. Definitely post pics, anytime.

Originally Posted by dan468 View Post
is this color possible?
Absolutly. Looks to be black Dip coated with a Glossifier/Clear mixture to get that satin finish. There are many different ways to achieve that sheen, check out their forum for more info.

Originally Posted by long'n low View Post
I wonder how long you can leave it in your gun?? can you make a batch up and shoot one coat at a time or do you have to mix it up per coat??

Be nice if you could shoot it onto a some scrap and adjust the mix until you get the sheen/color you want
This stuff doesn't dry via a catalyzed reaction, it dries by evaporation of the thinner. So yes, you can leave it at least in a paint bucket for a long time as long as it is sealed. I don't know about the gun, probably not the best airtight seal. However, yes, you can store it in an air tight container. When I did mine I just mixed two gallons at a time in a big 5 gallon bucket, but you can mix it all at once if wanted. I did it this way though to ensure proper distribution of my pigment throughout the Dip.

Originally Posted by ahsom79vette View Post
Nice job Step'67.

I was looking into this several months ago for my Chevy Cobalt, and maybe my '71. Only problem is if you live in CALIFORNIA, Dip Your Car cannot ship any of the Dip. It's CA regulations...

I know that DYC is doing all they can to help with this, and maybe soon we can purchase this here. I've seen a few paint shops that will dip cars in So. Cal., maybe some could be purchased through them?

Better Yet, going out-of-state for the holidays? Get some shipped to your non-California relatives and then pick it up from them...
Thanks bud. Good old California restrictions. Yah, if you want to do it yourself, I would at least approach a shop who sprays them. The worst they can say is no. That's the way to do it, family comes in handy sometimes.
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