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Re: 63-87 rack and pinion

I went with your 'BEST' solution above and got a 32" universal Ididit column. Now every aspect of the trucks steering and suspension is new.

Finally got everything installed. It looks great and I am happy.

Here are a few pictures.

Very good quality.

I had to cut the excess stud off the LCA U-joint

All mocked up.

Getting excited at this point.

Getting EXTREMELY excited now!

Hole for steering shaft, which i still need to weld the front lip.

All done!!!!!!

It caught me by surprise when the power steering lines (3 pieces) were 104$ from Napa. (2 pressure hoses and the low pressure fitting)

Here is a little video of it working. excuse the language, flaming river sent huge set screws. Which I have since gotten corrected.

'66 C10

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