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Originally Posted by slowcpe View Post
I'm running a mild DM on my '67. If my wheels ever come in it will finally sit on the ground for the first time in about 4-years.

Biggest thing I see is you do not have your shocks on. I don't think it will sit that low with shocks.

Are you running a c-notch or mild step notch? I don't believe a c-notch rear and mild DM will sit level without doing something with the front. I remember Nate telling me if I was going to run stock inner fenders the truck will hit the fenders before it bottoms out.
Thanks for the reply and thoughts, Slowcpe. Good point about the shocks and I didnít mention this but I did collapse a shock and compared that length to the distance between mounting bolt hole and the shocks length was shorter. That said, I will double check tonight. I have the mild step notch and will be running Hills Rod and Custom inner fenders.
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