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Re: Aired Out Height Issues w/ PB Mild DM

Thanks for the reply SCOTI. I am running a relatively early version of the mild DM, I think it was dubbed the cheese cutter or grater? I have stock tires from a mid-90's Chevy 1500 that measure about 28.5 or 29.5 inches tall. It's been a while since I confirmed but, this is what I remember the approximate tire height I plan to put on the pickup. I say approximate because I am not completely sure what size (specifically sidewall) I want, they will be 20's though. All that to say, not everything is exact with my temporary set up, but I believe it's pretty close and enough so that I don't think it answers the 2.75" bust. I'm trying to envision how running a stock spindle will affect geometry, if at all; have you had any issues? My concern stems from the fact that at ride height (about 7" at the front and rear cab mounts, the upper a-arm is pretty close to level. I imagine if I drop that down a little (by moving the spindle down with a stock spindle) it will drive the upper a-arm down a little so its not as level... but maybe I'm being too much of an engineer and trying to be too precise? All of your comments and thoughts are appreciated!

Thanks again!
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