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Step notch issues

So multiply issues really.

I ordered a step notch from gauge store trying to save myself some fab time. I ordered what was labeled as a 61-72 step notch.

My receipt shows a 67-72 step notch.

I assumed maybe itís just miss labeled because i had spoke to them on the phone and they are the ones who recommended the notch.

Went to the shop tacked it together and am having a few issues that may be normal but seem counter intuitive.

It simply does not properly fit i am going to have to cut multiple pieces and also narrow the frame section to make it fit properly itís to narrow to slide over my frame and the legs are not the proper leangth to fit right to properly box it in without cutting. Also something i would want if i was making it from scratch is for the top of the notch to be at zero degrees when installing to level with the rest of the flat sections of the frame and itís off by close to 5 degreees if installed as is.

Any tips? Is it just wrong? Or am i expecting to much form a pre made cnc cut piece.
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