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Originally Posted by robnolimit View Post
We are at 455 so. D street. corner of D and Mill.
Blindman, how about putting up some picts? let me know when its up and running and i walk you through some set up and tunning. It would be good for the forum too. If you can, get some wieghts on it once its running. Find a truck scale, get a total wieght, then roll the truck back so that only the fronts are no, and get a front #. What Tires are you getting?
im getting 15x8 smoothies with 245/60r15 for daily driving but for show im getting coker bf silvertowns and chrome reverse wheels should look killer .... has anybody ever moved the coilover top mounts up 3 inches to really drop rear i welded mine were the paper said just wondering to get a lower center of gravity and also transfer weight to rear lmk thanks rob
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