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Re: '64 chevy 2wd to 4wd

wow, last post was like 2 mos. ago, dont seem like's that thing go, the older ya get, the faster time goes.......
welp it really does suck not having a hobby shop even close by anymore. tried online, but the shipping for anything north of the 49th parallel is beyond stupid now, shipping is routinely more than the item i'm buying....
and still taking a huge hit on the dollar exchange....with the double whammy a $25 kit down there turns into a $60-$80 kit for me.
and it's now also approx a 120 mile drive to the nearest hobby store, which so far i have'nt done...

would really like to finish the '60, but for reasons above, having a hard time finding another interior for it
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also got one of these, but i already have a round eye blaze. want to get a '84 GMC (Deserter) and swap the front clip so i got a square eye blaze and a round eye short fleet, which surprisingly i dont have....
so this one also sits
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and i got this '99 1500 super cab that the dawg broke awhile ago. not really into building modern trucks so it sat too. then i found the lowered version of the 1500 for $10, so i grabbed it to make one of my favorite body styles, a crewcab longbox. if i could'nt make a crew out of it, prob would have never done nothing with it. just a filler till i can get what i need for the other
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choppin' up short boxes...
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