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Re: Post pics. Lets see how many 60-66 4x4 are out there.


Yep, that's my 65 Panel in #85. The 6X6 is a GMC with a 351C V-6, I'd like to swap it for a Toro-Flow some day but that truck is pretty low on the list of priorities right now.

V-6....only GMC Trucks have it!

62 GMC W5000 NAPCO-V6
65 GMC 2500 NAPCO Panel-V6
66 GMC 1000-V6
66 GMC 1500-V6
67 GMC K1500-SBC (originally a KM-V6)
68 GMC C1500-V6
68 GMC C1500-V6
68 GMC Suburban C2500
70 Chevy K20-SBC
71 Chevy C30 Longhorn-SBC
72 GMC Suburban C1500-BBC
72 Chevy C10-SBC
72 GMC C5500-ToroFlow Diesel
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