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Re: 68 GMC 4x4 Suburban build up

Originally Posted by 1956cameo View Post
Looks like it will be a nice project. I just picked up a 72 chevy suburban myself. Let us know if the quad fits in the back, that will be interesting if it will. I also feel your pain on trying to work on a project that is an hour away. Right now I am working on a 70 swb chevy that is in my dads shop roughly an hour from my house. Keep us posted.
Thanks man. It SHOULD fit, I did all the measurements. I have long travel suspension on my quad so its a bit lower than stock which the height would be the real problem most of the time I think. To find that I need to get the quad running to, lol.

Was near the truck during work so figure I'd get some work done on it during lunch but I guess my air chisel broke from sitting around..... I have another one at my house which I'll grab tomorrow.
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