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Re: 68 GMC 4x4 Suburban build up

Originally Posted by 70rs/ss View Post
Picts man, we need picts!! I have loved this burb since you bought it way back when, glad to see you are still workin on it!
Thanka man. I've been having a lot of fun working on it lately!

Cleaned up the front frame rails and spray painted them semi gloss black yesterday.

Bolted up the diy4x front shackle hangers today. Drilled out the frame for the bolt holes for the bottom of the frame rail.

Thought I was done with rivets!! I forgot the fb52 kit uses the front body mount holes for the back two bolts on the rear shackle hanger so I chiseled the drivers side out. My plaguing problem of my POS compressor of course stalls the project at every corner as it only likes to cycle on 1-2 times a day! I'll get the pass side out tomorrow than I have to hole saw the frame for the new location. Not looking forward to that. I assume its a bad idea to not weld up the old hole right?

do you use every one of these three holes?

Got to pull the rear springs off my parts blazer and start rebuilding the 3/4 dana 44 and get all the parts for crossover steering.....

Is there any reason to run a HI steer crossover steering kit if I'm not going to wheel hard? Instead of a standard crossover steering?
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