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Re: Cheap Tricks

I've got a few.
1. Wrap black tape around the knuckle joint on your socket set. That way it's not floppy anymore.
2. Hard to get a bolt threaded into a nut in a spot you can't reach into. Put some grease on the nut and put it in the box end of a wrench. The grease holds it into the box end.
3. Want to lube something with oil but don't want to slime everything else around it. Get a piece of wire and dribble the oil on one end and the oil will run right down the wire to where you want it to go.
4. Got a bolt that's loose and won't tighten up. Get some fine copper wire and thread the end in with the bolt. The wire will wind around and take up the slack.
5. With a fresh motor always start it up with just water in it. If you have a leak the water cleans up better than an anti-freeze leak.
6. Got a phillips screw you can't budge. Put some lapping compound in the cross. Gives more grip.
7. Always carry all your tools and spare parts with you. That way you'll never need them. You'll never have a problem on the road.
8. One more. Always carry a spare module in your glovebox if you have a HEI. Someday you'll need it.
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