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Re: Project "Second Chance" - Hot Rod 66' GMC

02-03-14 Minor Update

Not much progress to report. Did a lot of ordering the other day though. From a combination of Amazon and Summit and some smaller outfits I nabbed:

-Weiand Stealth Ram Manifold
-36-1 Trigger wheel and crank sensor
-Capless cam sensor that replaces the distributor for a cam signal
-LS2 Coil packs and brackets
-Weatherpack connectors and crimp tool
-Edelbrock fuel rail
-Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
-Eastwood brake bender tool
-New aluminum water pump (my 8-year old one is steel and rusted)
-New harmonic balancer (old one rusted, and going to pair this one with the 36-1 wheel)
-Stainless header bolts
-Stanless 4" Magnaflow tips
-Summit exhaust kit. When I went to take out my old exhaust I realized that we built it on the car, meaning that with the X-pipe I can't separate the two sides to twist them and get them back over the rear axle. Since I'll need to reroute the exhaust slightly anyways with the rear-mount tank I thought I'd redo some of the end anyways. May weld in some flanges for a future electric cutout.

I also got quotes locally to ceramic coat my old headers, as well as the incoming intake manifolds for protection.

Things I still want/need for the build:

-Front end/cradle with disc brakes
-Custom axles for the Dana 60 for rear disc
-Steering Column
-Bucket seats
-Misc nuts and bolts

The "future" list goes on and on, and I'm sure I need much more than I can afford at the moment . . .
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