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Re: Powder Coating - A Home How to

Originally Posted by 5150scott View Post
Hey texasld - I have the exact same setup as you and have only done the black color so far. That **** gets everywhere on the gun due to static so I was wondering if you had any problems when you switched to red or if you had to do anything special beforehand? Thanks
It does make a mess of the floor. As far as your question, that's an easy one. Just grab your blow gun and kit it with a couple of blast of air. It will knock the old powder out no problem. When you take the cup off the gun, you can shoot air through the chrome tube and it will push most of it out. Great question.

Originally Posted by 5150scott View Post
Also I have learned that a piece of chain spread apart like a clothes line works best to hang parts from to coat. You can also connect your ground clamp to it for smaller parts. I use the thin chain like on a child's swing set.
Oh yea, good Idea. I love the fact that you can share info so Quick and easy through the board.
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