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Re: '97 Chevy Tahoe (2dr/2wd) mild custom

After our trip home, it was my goal to get some extra lighting in the rear. The taillights are tinted, make visibility lower during the daylight. I did a little searching for LED light bars & came up with an inexpensive, temporary solution. I purchased an IPCW light bar from Amazon. The first one that arrived wasn't equipped with the reverse light like I ordered, so I sent it back. When the new one came in, I tested the reverse light right away. Assuming everything was good, I finished getting everything into place. Since this was made for a truck, I had to remove the attachment tabs to allow it to sit flush on my roll pan. I attached some 3M double-sided tape to the back & bottom of the light bar to ensure it would remain in place. I also had to notch the plastic a bit to allow the driver's side barn door to close. After all was said & done, I tested it out. Some bozo didn't wire the darn thing correctly from the factory. When I use the right turn signal or brake, the reverse light comes on as well. I opted to just leave it as-is for now, & I'll spend a few bucks on a nicer unit next time.

Part # for the light bar:

Light bar in-box:

Notched plastic:

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