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Re: '97 Chevy Tahoe (2dr/2wd) mild custom

My solution: I went to Home Depot & bought a couple different styles of small magnets. I also bought a small magnetic type cabinet latch/fastener, which would be used as my first attempted solution. Here's a link to the type of magnet I used. Of course I modified it a bit as you'll read below. The link is for a pack of them, but I think the single magnet I bought was less than $1:

In this first pic, I used the metal "strike plate" piece from the magnetic catch. Since my Dremel is only battery operated, it doesn't last long. It wasn't charged anyway, so I painstakingly hand filed it down to the size I needed. Then I wedged it it to the area you see. It was snug against the edge of the cup holder, but I hot glued it to secure it.

In this second pic, I cut that little tab off that originally slid into the grooves to hold the cup holder closed. After cutting, I filed the remaining plastic down using both my hand file & Dremel with sanding tool, leaving just a small lip. I didn't pull the console insert to snap a pic from the inside. I think I ended up trimming a little bit of the plastic just rear of that tab I mentioned, just so the magnet would sit flush. Then, I ended up cutting away the plastic casing to remove the two magnets inside the magnetic catch. I only used one of them as you see in the pic, flush with the inner side of the console edge & positioned slightly forward of the lip I filed down where the tab was previously. I also hot glued it to secure it in place.

And here's a pic of it shut after completion. As you can see, it does shut snugly now. My initial thoughts were to look into getting a stronger magnet someday, as it doesn't take much effort to open. However, I haven't had it pop open yet. So, I decided I'm not gonna mess with it unless it becomes an issue.


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