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Re: My First C10 (72' fleetside) - 2,100mi drive home - Photos

Originally Posted by tommys72 View Post
Nice truck. ..with tilt and a tach on top of it
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Thanks, today I noticed the end of the indicator/signal lever has a button with cruise marked on doesn't seem to work but I'm surprised to think cruise was even around back then. Maybe a retrofit was made that I'll need to get working again.
Originally Posted by bigmac73 View Post
good looking truck , you never said what you gave for it ?
Low 20's.
Originally Posted by del4fun View Post
That is one nice green fleet! How much did you have to give them?
Low 20's.
Originally Posted by Hart_Rod View Post
Nice truck (and vette )!
Thanks. The vette felt like a rocket ship after getting out of the truck. Here's a vid at the drag strip:
Originally Posted by leddzepp View Post
I see the license plate frame. Did you get the truck from that classic car dealer in Yucaipa? My truck came out of Palm Springs is totally rust free, and I imagine yours is as well.
Yep, that's the place. Mixed experience dealing with them. Anyone can PM me for more details if they want.
Originally Posted by Mister-B View Post
Ok OP, you're already sort of breaking the unwritten code of conduct lol. That came on here 6 days ago and made your first post, and haven't made a single post since.

We've seen this before, and the guy never posts again. Hope you're not one of them. Would like to see you participate more. Loved your pics and story
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Haha, I'm not going to hit and quit this board. I actually have a bunch of questions I need input on. Will start a separate thread.
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