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Re: best suspension for the buck

There are many out there - you just have to shop around and see all the details that YOU want and like to have on YOUR truck.... Keeping it stock is really not an option and does not make it NOT a truck.... The old front ends with their kingpin straight axles are just not up to par with the roadways we have nowadays...

On the low price end check out Speedway... they just did a great restoration project with all their own components; frames start at $4,000 for all the basic needs to get a truck chassis going the right direction.

Or try Fat Man Fab if you got a few more bucks and want to go an extra amount...

Or try Art Morrison if you want tried and true fabrication of the best products out there. Also their tech department is second to NONE and always willing to help out with whatever questions you have.

There are many more good ones out there - just dont have time to list them all....

Good Luck on your build.
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