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painter willing to come to your spot.

25 yrs experience. have pics, references, and don't just squirt and run I'll stick around and color sand and buff and even help put car back together if need be, so you don't get unwanted scratches or scuffs and have to go to first show with touch up marks. nothing worse then that. only conditions are my wife goes everywhere with me and my ***** (Svetlana)service animal also. lol if you got guest house or camper or lil hole in wall motel near by. were in process of restoring a 69 Aristocrat 16ft camper and I got my 66 in the air bagging it as we speak. but we want to see the country before the big guy pulls the chain and we all go swirling down the ****ter. so just seeing if anyone out there would be interested. if bodywork is done and I start from priming I'd say about 3-4 weeks of 6-8 hour days 5 a week. I don't mess around I've prepped for painters doing 15-25k paint jobs. I know the importance of blocking, keeping line straight and sharp, and if it's real important to make it flawless, I can do what my old boss Odell did when new worker came first day. he had me go in booth to help kid. he put on a depends diaper and came in the booth with respirator and boots on lol he told kid how he all ways paints the important cars like this. kid went to lunch and never returned lol. anyway if anyone might be interested. might start our adventure next year around march will go N. thru Oregon, wash, then down S. thru Utah, nev,Arizona then tex.
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