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Re: Need Parts please!

Originally Posted by idbeast View Post
ptc, I'm using Specialty Power Windows kit, 5559-2CVR (One piece glass kit) $425 but it includes the guides/channels and wiring with switches. It's all personal choices!!! I've wasted so much money trying to get parts that work properly, it's very frustrating!!! The owner of SPW was a fantastic help with getting my window stuff straightened out, even had the one piece glass that fits properly! Sometimes you do get what you paid for!!!
Yea I cant say the same for Electric- Life - The receptionist is a BRICK WALL to try and get thru to tech support. Once I finally got ahold of VITO in the backroom and he wasn't on lunch then we got things straightened out and he was very helpful. Coming from a "DO-IT-YOUR-SELFER" as the phone lady kept calling me (in a derogatory manner), I told her they wouldn't have a business if it wasn't for all us DIY guys making our own cars and trucks! ----

YES I agree these 55-59 doors are the biggest frustration of my whole build. and I'm still not done yet with them. As for paying more and THINKING you are getting more.... well that's a mind game I don't play.
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