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Re: Need Parts please!

I finally got my doors to a place; THANK YOU DAZE57!!!! ----- where Im ready to start assembly of the window power regs, guide channels and felts all into place.

I ordered from Restoration Specialties and Jeff is the best guy to talk with about this stuff he knows what it requires EXACTLY....

to answer the question below : the original setup used 3/16" glass - many of the new kits are using 1/4" tempered glass that is available already cut from many sources now, so that felt is wrong, then the 10M96 is also a very hard fit to get into place, its real snug and can pinch the window as it goes up:

Why did you use the rather than the as per the original parts lists. Looking at the dimensions its a totally different size ???
Then ----- IF you are using the wing window division bar and cutting it down to fit as the front glass guide, then it requires a DIFFERENT FELT than the rear felt. If your not doing this then disregard this whole thing.

The DIV BAR is only .58" wide x .55" Deep channel - you need 2' of this felt
The Rear and top are .75" wide x .50" Deep channel- you need 6' of this felt

Jeff will set you up with whatever you need but this is the setup and he provides the wiper felts also. Once I receive them Ill post them up.
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